Move to a Nicer Neighborhood Without Lifting a Finger

Move to a Nicer Neighborhood Without Lifting a Finger

Home moving services in Egg Harbor Township, NJ & Bohemia, NY

If your neighborhood’s value is dwindling, but you love the house you live in now, you’re not doomed to an impossible choice. Most homeowners think they either have to move out or grin and bear it as the neighborhood gets worse.

You do have a third option. SJ Hauck House Movers LLC can physically move your home in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey & Bohemia, NY. We’ll lift up your house and place it on a trailer to relocate it to your new property.

It sounds like a big ordeal, but moving your house can save you money in the long run. Reach out to a house mover in Egg Harbor Township, NJ & Bohemia, NY to learn more about our service.

5 reasons to move your existing house

Do you think moving your home is the right choice for you? Read five of the top reasons you may choose to move your home:

  1. Your home’s current location is susceptible to flooding.
  2. Too many new developments have started to crop up around your historic home.
  3. Relocating a home is better for the environment than demolishing it.
  4. You may gain more value by moving your home instead of renovating it.
  5. Your resale value could offset the cost of the move.

The cost of a house move depends on the size and weight of the home, the length of the journey and whether the home needs a new foundation. Call 609-927-6700 or NY: 631-750-6450 to schedule your move today.